Ten Foot Care Facts

Did you know:

  • The average person takes about 18,000 steps per day?
  • Every mile we walk we shift our body weight the equivalent of one hundred tonnes that is the equivalent of the weight of a blue whale.
  • 70 % of foot problems occur as a result of ill-fitting shoes.
  • That you should not wear the same shoe every day, the perspiration of our feet can cause the growth of bacteria and fungus in our shoes and result in smelly feet or infections. It is recommended we wear a shoe every other day facilitating enough time for it to thoroughly dry.
  • Examining our feet for abnormalities may serve to be preventative for things that can develop to be major foot disorders.
  • Washing our feet every day especially between the toes is a way to neutralise bad bacteria that can cause infection.
  • It is not normal to have whiteness between the little toe and the fourth toe this is as a result of too much moisture and can lead to malodourous feet and infections.
  • We spend half our lives wearing shoes and being on our feet this is why we need them to fit properly.
  • Although infants and children’s feet look like ours they are not fully developed and extreme care should be taken when choosing their footwear especially for the first steps and toddlers.
  • A Podiatrist is a health care professional trained to diagnose and treat abnormalities of the foot, and give professional advise on prevention of foot problems.
By: Simone Lorde BSc Pod. Med (Podiatrist)