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Comfeet ‘s mission is to provide high quality patient centered Podiatry education and service in a timely, cost effective way for all our clients and persons affiliated with the clinic. We provide a professional, supportive, friendly, warm service in a comfortable environment. The customer is priority at Comfeet, and the ability to resolve any foot disorders in a timely professional manner. Our aim is not to treat the same problem over and over but to find solutions to foot problems. Comfeet brings with it over seventeen years of Podiatric experience in Diabetes and Sports.Learn More!  

Podiatrist's Day

Did you know, May 2nd was Podiatrist’s Day. It’s a worldwide event to recognize the medical discipline of podiatry and the doctors – podiatrists – who do this work in 40 different countries. Learn More  

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Well, if you have pain in your feet, it’s an opportunity to find out more information about how to get treatment and relief. A podiatrist is a specialist in the diagnosis and care of foot disorders, including medical and, sometimes, surgical treatment. The podiatrist receives general medical training plus specialized…

If you are diabetic prevent an amputation by examining your feet every day.  Once you find an abnormality seek help from you Podiatrist.

Orthopaedic footwear meets the catwalk, congratulations to Naot.

A child’s foot looks like our foot but has not fully developed. Their feet need to be treated with extra care, no tight socks, no tight shoes, and no high heels.