As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

I love my naot shoes, I can wear them to church, to the supermarket and dress them up or down. I like Naots a lot and I welcome the fact that Comfeet Foot Care Clinic now carries that brand. Thanks Comfeet.

M. Millar

I wholeheartedly endorse the professional services of Dr Simone-Lorde-McConnie. It was like divine intervention having her as my Podiatrist, she certainly did a miraculous job taking care of my feet….Thank you Dr Simone.
Lenora Molyneaux

Simone creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for treatment!
She is the best podiatrist on the island!
Richard Proverbs

Simone does an awesome job with always providing solutions to my foot problems! She also has an amazing selection of medical footwear!
She is the BEST!
Sandra Proverbs

I’m very impressed with the quality of work that is done at Dr. Simone’s Office.
Lenora Bannister

I was watching a program on TV with Mrs McConnie about feet and decided to pay her a visit. I found the treatment and mannerisms efficient and until this date I have no complaints.
Ms Eugene Noville

My experience with Comfeet is very good, the staff are very helpful, the Podiatrists are very nice and reassure me that as a diabetic my feet, are good when I leave. I have been coming since 2012.
Mr John Corbin

I have been a patient of Comfeet since 2013, I find the staff very professional and accommodating, appointments are on time and appointments are made at your convenience. Dr McConnie makes you comfortable, is upfront and gives sound advise of your diagnosis. I would recommend anyone to Comfeet if they are having any issues with their feet, which I have already done.
Ms June Gill

I have nothing but high praise for the professionalism of the folks of Comfeet.
Mr Orlando Holder

The number one foot care professionals for all your Podiatry needs. – Mr Carl Griffith

I have been a patient at Comfeet for approximately five years. I am very satisfied with the treatment, advice and professionalism of the staff. I would recommend Comfeet to anyone in need of diabetic footcare, without them I many not have my feet today.
Deborah Griffith

I first came to Comfeet to get an opinion on my foot, as the Drs wanted to amputate my foot because there was an infection in the bone. They took the time to explain the various solutions and under their advise I was able to be referred to the necessary Podiatric surgeon who was able to remove the bone instead of my foot. My foot has healed. I was offered an amputation 3 times. I am thankful to Comfeet for their guidance and professional help. I wear a special boot now but it has been over 4 years now and I am doing well with two feet and ten toes. Thanks Comfeet.
P Olton

Maybe it’s because of the reputation that Barbados has unfortunately earned as a result of diabetic patients wanting to heal themselves or seek medical help only when doing their own thing has landed them in trouble; maybe it was just plain common sense but I’ve had my podiatrist on speed dial for several years.

Simone Lorde-McConnie has always treated me like a big sister (we shared the same alma mater) chiding me (whenever the occasion arises) for mistreating my feet or for attempting to do something that I know full well I shouldn’t.

Having been her patient for almost two decades, I’ve seen her practice evolve into the ultra-modern Comfeet Footcare Clinic providing professional, one-stop full Footcare service in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.
Apart from the fact that it’s important for me as a diabetic to maintain regular routine care for my feet, I truly look forward to visiting Comfeet because I’m guaranteed to leave with a burst of (almost disruptive) laughter; for this senior citizen, it’s become like a family visit.
Ruth Marshall-Sam

I came to Comfeet in 2016 with a hole in my foot. I was previously offered an amputation of my whole foot, I was scared and lost for words because I had just lost my sister to diabetes that same year and I was now responsible for her son. How could I loos my foot? After meeting with Simone at Comfeet, she told me “we will work on this”, and I wouldn’t need an amputation of the full foot just maybe the removal of the dead bone. The care and attention I received at Comfeet was so refreshing and genuine, I felt safe with them. They save my foot with alot of hard work, dressings and offloading. It was a very hard time for me. But together with the dedication of the team at Comfeet we di it. To this day I will be forever grateful, thankful and happy with the service I received and still receive today. The Comfeet staff are like my extended family. This has even impacted my son who has a lot of respect for Ms McConnie. She took the time to counsel him and guide him not to be obese as he puts himself at risk of diabetes. Thank you so much Comfeet.
Julia Murrell