Who We Are

Our slogan:

Comfort with every step, embodies the level of care, support and provision of accessories we deliver to encourage foot comfort for every circumstance.

Comfeet’s mission is to provide high-quality, patient-centered Podiatry education and service in a timely, cost-effective way for all our clients and persons affiliated with the clinic.  We provide a professional, supportive, friendly, warm service in a comfortable environment.

The customer is a priority at Comfeet, and the ability to resolve any foot disorders in a timely professional manner.  Our aim is not to treat the same problem over and over but to find solutions to foot problems. Comfeet brings with it over seventeen years of Podiatric experience in Diabetes and Sports.

Our Clients

Comfeet provides professional podiatry care for diabetics, sports persons (both leisure and professional athletes), children’s foot care and routine care for all.


At Comfeet we also supply foot care solutions and splints and braces for bunions, clawed toes and curly toes.  Routine treatment of corns calluses, ingrown toenails including minor partial and total; nail avulsions to cure ingrown toenails, athletes feet, interdigital corns and calluses.

Footwear Solutions

Orthopedic footwear not only offers longterm benefits and comfort but is now stylish, with NAOT being featured on the New York fashion runway.  Comfeet offers footwear solutions for professional women and men – aesthetic orthopaedic footwear along with casual orthopedic footwear – Naot, Bio-sandals, Birkenstocks, Papillo, Tatami, Betula, Birki, and Dansko speciality lines our view all the option on our Pinterest catalogue or on our shop now menu.

Meet Our Team Leader


Dr. Simone McConnie