Tips For Buying Shoes The Right Way

The following are great tips for buying shoes the right way:

  • Make sure you have time to purchase your shoes
  • NEVER buy your shoes in a hurry.
  • Look at the shoe and compare to the shape of your foot, some feet are oblong, square or round, they should be similar.
  • Make sure the shoe is approximately 1⁄2 “ longer than your longest toe when standing.
  • Use your regular size of a shoe as a guide only as makes and styles can vary tremendously.
  • It will be ideal to have your feet fitted every few years as your shoe size increases with age.
  • The shoe should have an effective fastening e.g. lace –up, functional “T” bar, or strap sandal.
  • The heel of the shoe must not slip.
  • It should also fit snug and should not rub
  • There should be a deep toe box to allow the toes to function and correct width to accommodate the widest part of your foot.
  • Consider orthopaedic type shoes if your foot is difficult to fit, bunions, clawed toes etc.
  • Leather uppers are preferable as leather is flexible and can mould to the foot. Not all shoes should be required to stretch.
  • Purchase your shoes when your feet are at their largest usually in the afternoon.
  • Spend a few minutes in the shoes walking to check that they are comfortable, wiggle your toes.
  • Expensive style shoes are different to orthopaedic footwear be clear on the reason you want the shoes, style shoes for going comfortable sensible shoes for work.
  • Know your size, and remember all shoes have a different way they size shoes. Use your size as a starting point for fitting shoes.
  • Worry about fit not style and size.

*Always seek the advice of your Podiatrist