Foot Problems

That Horrid Amputation

The following was previously published in the Barbados Advocate. That Horrid Amputation The diabetic foot continues to be a challenge and some believe a burden in our society. Over the years it has been well known that one of the fears of the average diabetic is amputation. Why is this […]

Recommendations For Footwear

Considerations Because we are all susceptible to foot and ankle injuries we should never forced our feet to conform to the shape of a pair of shoes. You can reduce the risk of injury by wearing properly fitting shoes that conform to the natural shape of our feet. In selecting […]

Dancing Shoes

Beach Walk

Custom Made Orthotics

[box]The following is an overview of Custom Made Orthotics (CMO) from the Podiatry Channel.[/box] Orthotics are orthopedic devices that are used to alter or modify foot function and are designed to treat, adjust, and support various biomechanical foot disorders. Some orthotics are simple, commercially-made devices, such as cushioned heel cups […]