Corns & Calluses

These are small or larger areas of dead skin or thickened skin that forms on various parts of the foot as a result of friction in the shoe or from any activity we do that our foot has not easily adapted to performing. Most women of colour consider that the black blemishes on the tops of their toes are corns but they are really just calluses and most of the time it is all scar tissue. A true corn is a very localised area of dead skin with a torque type of friction that results in a cavity being formed once the corn has been removed. On the other hand a callus is a smaller or larger area of dead skin that once removed the person may not be able to tell that there was ever anything there. The treatments that Podiatrist offer for this aim at returning the skin to its natural integrity and once the friction has been reduced or removed they can actually improve or go away.

Interdigital Corns or Calluses

These are corns or calluses that occur between the toes especially the fifth or little toe and the fourth toe mainly due to the fact that the little toe is lot shorter than the fourth toe and in a tight shoe will burrow under the fourth toe and cause an irritation. This irritation results in the callus or corn. But as there can be a moisture control problem between the toes at times this corn or callus may become very wet and have a white appearance. The white appearance encourages bacteria or fungus and it is easy to get an infection between the toe call intertrigo. Sometimes this can be easily solved by using surgical alcohol between the toes and making sure that you have dried between the toes thoroughly but some time stronger treatments are required and professional help is advised.