Bunions or Hallux Abductovalgus

This is a deformity at the big toe joint and causes a wider foot, deformity of the other toes, or pain in the big toe region. There is an inherited trait but there is also an acquired one due to the type of foot you have (is it flat or high arched or average) how it functions ( the way you walk) and the shoes you wear. There are various degrees of bunion and some people have them with no pain and some have extreme pain. Some people’s pain is intermittent based on the activities they do, shoes they wear and severity of the bunion in the first place. There are both palliative and surgical methods of care for this condition but the general train of thought is do not be too cosmetic about it, if it does not hurt leave it alone because if you trouble a bunion for cosmetic reasons you may end up having pain you never had before in the joint.