Maximum comfort and clinically proven foot protection

From traditional models and shoes with a narrower shape to designs with extra space in the toe area – regardless of their individual details, all three special shoe collections from LucRo share the same goal: to reduce pressure on the foot. Feet are given specific protection against sores, reducing the risk of amputation. The best thing about this protection is that you can’t even see it. With the appearance of a modern outdoor shoe, the therapeutic benefits are packaged in what looks like everyday footwear.


LucRo classic

LucRo classic protects against the recurrence of foot ulcers with a level of certainty approaching 80%. This has been proven by a clinical study carried out over 42 months (see page 11 of the catalogue). However, LucRo classic has much more to offer than pressure relief and protection from recurrence

LucRo kinetic

LucRo kinetic also offers perfect protection against recurrence, especially for more slender feet. A key feature of the LucRo kinetic range is its modified fit. We have adapted the shape of the last in the heel area for a narrower and more slender rear foot. This gives the shoe a different look and provides optimal heel guidance, especially for those with a slim heel.

LucRo ergonic

An addition to the range: the new special shoe for people with rheumatism or diabetes that also offers perfect protection against recurrence. The new LucRo ergonic collection is also provided as a range of special shoes for rheumatism because each model effectively protects the joints and reduces pain. Like the other two lines from LucRo, it also offers the necessary criteria of protection for proper diabetic foot care.